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Have you ever wondered why certain websites are ranked high? Why is it so whenever I search for some product or service only a few company products are shown at the top?

Isn’t it fishy?

No, All the magic lies in onesearchpro digital marketing SEO (search engine optimization). Imagine you have entered the library and wanted to a have best books in fiction. But to your astonishment, there are many books written by many best authors. But what you want is one book which is best in fiction.

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What would you do?

You will approach librarian who suggests you a few books of which you would select one. 

The same thing happens with brands, products or services. Search engines like google, yahoo, Bing etc. collect lots and lots of information about various websites and web pages. These search engines use algorithms and suggest us with the best options. These options appear on top. 

If you own a business no matter big or small and have a website, search results play a very important role. When your webpage has a high rank, there are some high chances that more people find you. More the people find you more the chances for you to get business leads.

Is it really hard to implement?

Not at all, all you need is exposure on all major search engines and its mechanisms. 

So, let’s check how to get started with SEO and boost your business.

7 tips to get started with SEO.

Keyword! Keyword! Keyword!

Yes, keyword matters a lot in the optimization of websites. Search engines work on the basis of these keywords. Search engine narrow downs from its vast database and displays the top results of the keyword. For example, you have typed laptop, Search engine shows all the pages that are about the words.

Importance of Official Title

Every page on the website has an official title and search engine looks out for it. The official title has high importance as search engine pays lots of attention to it. They usually review the title as the title of a book. Ranking of websites even relies on the official title of web pages.

It’s no hush-hush that Links matter a lot 

Links between the websites are crucial in optimizing a search engine. 

Do you wonder What’s this all about ……?

Linking of websites are recommendations done by one website to other and building trust to its visitors. A website that has lots of links enables search engines optimization.

What about fake links?

Some people miss-lead search engine by building fake links. But Search engine has the capability to check which sites are trustworthy and secure and displays the results of only from trustworthy links. 

Words in links matter 

Linking keywords will improve search engine optimisation. For example- Ikea has best modular Kitchen. By linking modular kitchen to Ikea website, you are making search engine understand that modular kitchen is to do something with Ikea. And whenever a user search for modular kitchen, Search engine displays Ikea on top.


Website that maintain with latest updates that are engaging content tend have high ranks. And improving the number of quality links will actually improve the search rankings.

Take benefit of organic and natural search results

Always it’s better to go for organic and natural search results as it improves the reputation of websites and helps in improving its ranking.

Hope these tips will boost your business.