Why You Should Hire a Car Online

Lower Price

The biggest difference by renting a car online compared to offline is that you simply can search on different dates and between different car rental companies to find the best price. If you go to a regular car rental provider they also wish you to pay the highest price possible and therefore sometimes limits your alternatives.

Save Time

Booking a rental car online takes a lot less time than calling around or physically visiting travel agencies or car rental companies 1bet2uthai.

Better Choices

On the Internet you have a better selection of car rental companies which increase the chance of getting exactly what you are looking for.


Most car rental companies offers a discount if you buy online. For them it is cheaper to let customers book online compared to calling or physically showing up.


On the Internet you will get a much better overview and you can easily search between days, rental companies, car types, time and prices. You also have the possibility to book whenever you want to.

Secure Socket Layer

All the car rental companies that we recommend use a secure payment system called Secure Socket Layer or simply SSL. This means that all credit card information is encrypted when it is sent over the Internet. To be 100 % sure you may check yourself that the Internet address starts with “https://” and not “http://” when you pay by credit card. “https://” indicate that the company use Secure Socket Layer.

World Famous Car Rental Companies

The car rental companies that we recommend are known worldwide and have existed several years on the Internet.

Credit Card Companies

If you for some reason should be tricked, your credit card company will pay you back the money missing. The reason for this is that credit card companies encourage Internet trade as this means more profit for them in the long run.

Lower The Price

  1. Car rental on the Internet is the best and easiest way to compare prices.
  2. If you are planning to buy extra equipment, you could compare prices on that too.
  3. Book as soon as possible if you have a schedule. Most car rental companies increase the price as bookings are made and the number of available rental cars decrease. In addition, the availability of some specific cars may decrease and you might have to rent a bigger car than you need.
  4. Book the smallest car you need and hope for a free upgrade. Sometimes the car companies have to give you an upgraded car because the smallest are already rented out.
  5. Also check the other car types. The car rental company may have extra cars in that types and may offer you a discount.
  6. Check if you need to return the car with a full tank of fuel. What they suggest a full tank costs, may be something else than you expect.
  7. Check the car for possible vaults before you drive and that these are stated in the report. Otherwise you may end up paying for vaults that you have not caused
  8. It is usually better with a weekly rate if you are planning to rent the car more than 7 days. If you are going to rent the car more than 4 days, you should also look into the weekly rate. Sometimes the 7. day is free when you rent for a week. If you book on a daily plan, it can be difficult to change to a cheaper weekly plan.